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Welcome to our website! Move over Tupperware, forget dishes and candles, a new revolutionary home party is in town. Host a JEWELRY into CA$H Gold Party and get your money's worth.

When attending or hosting one of our parties, there is no pressure to purchase merchandise. Rather, you will turn your unwanted jewelry into cash. Whether you need extra cash for paying the bills or just want to clean out a junk drawer, JEWELRY into CA$H is ready to pay you and your guests top dollar for gold, sterling & platinum items in the privacy and security of your home.

How does it work?

We have revolutionized the female home get-together. The days of the "forced" purchase are over. At JEWELRY into CA$H Gold Party events, you won't feel pressured to purchase items you really don't need or want. Imagine attending a home party and leaving with cash for your outdated, broken, or non-fitting jewelry items! It's true. You can turn in your broken chain, twisted bracelet, gold dental filling, mismatched earring, old silver set and much more for spendable cash.

What Can I Sell?

Wondering what items you have lying around that you could sell? Click below for a list of common jewelry and items you can trade for cash!

Host a Party

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