Gold Party events are:

  • » Fun
  • » Social
  • » Exciting
  • » Lucrative
  • » Refreshing
  • » Private
  • » Secure

What Items Can I Sell?

To put it simply, if there's gold, silver or platinum in it, we'll take a look at it. Commonly, our customers have one item in mind that they'd like to sell, such as an old wedding ring. When we tell them that they can bring it all in, the snagged necklace, those outdated button earrings, that gift that just never fit... suddenly, they're on a treasure hunt, searching out old jewelry collecting dust in their jewelry boxes and top drawers.

We encourage you to launch a treasure hunt of your own! Here, size doesn't matter. Little earrings and charms add up to big bucks. Clasp broken or gemstones missing? No problem. Bitterly out of style or remarkably ugly? Hey, it's still worth its weight in gold.

Additionally, you're not limited to selling back rings, hoops, and necklaces only. Is grandpa's gold tooth jingling around in your jewelry box? Ever been fit for real gold fingernails? Yes, these odd little conversation pieces are not only welcome, but also make the party a lot of fun! Can you top gold teeth? A few minutes rummaging through your jewelry collection could mean a fattened wallet.

Need Some Ideas?

Be on the lookout for items like the ones listed below. These are some great examples of things you can sell.

  • » Old scrap gold
  • » Bent/Broken jewelry
  • » Unwanted jewelry
  • » Diamonds
  • » Earrings
  • » Bracelets
  • » Pendants
  • » Platinum
  • » Sterling flatware
  • » 1964 & Earlier Silver US Coins
  • » Gold Pins/Brooches
  • » .999 Silver
  • » Dental Gold
  • » Precious metals
  • » 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, 24k
  • » Single Earrings
  • » Class Rings
  • » Cluster Rings
  • » Service Pins
  • » Bracelets
  • » Bangles
  • » Charms
  • » Wedding Rings
  • » Gold Castings
  • » Tangled Gold Chains
  • » Unmatched Gold Earrings
  • » Items with missing stones

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